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We are proud to present our work as professional barbers who have been in this business since 40 years ago without ever stopping!

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You're the best, so you deserve the best!

Men of all ages may once again enjoy a traditional barbershop experience! When you enter one of The Barber's locations, you will immediately see that all the amenities of the traditional barbershop have been conserved. Here at Creative Barbershop, we are firm believers that the vintage barbershop aesthetic is the way to go.

Christopher J. Casper.

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Service we provide

Please, have a look at the services that our establishment provides, and feel free to contact us if you find something you'd like.

Hair Cutting & Styling

Creative Barbershop offers beautiful hair cuts and styles based on your own preference, or if you'd like, you could leave it up to our barbers to decide for you.

Hair Washing

We also offer hair washing before/after a haircut, using all the best products with no harmful chemicals in them.


If and when you need a good shave, we're right here for you, using only sterilies and fresh equipment.

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Our Prices List

We are always clear and transparent with our prices, that's why we decided to list everything right here for you to see and choose.

Hair Cutting & Styling
Shaving & Facial
Hair Coloring & Wash
Body Treatment
Facial Treatment
Blackhead Treatment

Meet our barbers

We have the best team in the entire world, and we're certain about this. We're proud to present to you our wonderful barbers.


James K. Henderson

Hair Specialist

David J. Cuellar

Beard Specialist

Nicholas E. Sapes

Hair Coloring

Christina L. Miller

Hair Specialist

Marco L. Hoffman

Hair Treatment

What our clients say

Have a look at the latest reviews by our wonderful clients.


I'm never changing my barber salon again. Creative Barbershop stays true to it's name by always being creative, fun, and very professional.

Jasper M.


I usually get a buzz cut, so you'd think that's quite easy right? You have no idea how many barbers have messed that up for me, but not these guys!!

Chris Hamilton

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